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Short Sales

And Foreclosures

with Ted Weinstein

MARCH 02, 2022

10:00 AM EST


Hosted IN-Person @ Matt Ziccardi - Attorney
237 Mamaroneck Ave #402, White Plains, NY 10605

Course Description

This course will identify cultural competency in Real Estate and how to better connect with
clients in different cultures. After completing this course, real estate agents will have a better
awareness of cultural competency and will have tools to improve their own interactions with
clients of different cultures.

This course covers the body of federal law, New York State, and local
laws prohibiting discrimination in housing and real-estate-related transactions. The historical role of
the government reinforced racial segregation in housing is examined to promote a better understanding
as to how historical policies and practices have ongoing impacts perpetuating barriers to fair housing
and racial economic inequities, and what more can be done to address these barriers.
The course will specifically examine:

1) the historical role of government in establishing racial
segregation through planning, policies, and practice;

2) Federal, New York State, and Local Fair
Housing Laws and Protected Classes;

3) the historical role of the real estate industry;

4) Long Island
Divided: Newsday’s three-year investigative report;

5) New York State Senate Investigation,
Report and Recommendations;

6) New York State Legislation to Combat Fair Housing Violations;

7) the Real Estate Industry’s Response: an Equitable Pathway Forward.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:

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