NYS 40-Hour Life, Accident, & Health Overview:

A Life, Accident, and Health agent or broker is a licensed insurance professional that deals with Life insurance, Accident insurance, and Health insurance. According to www.Indeed.com in 2014 Life, Accident, and Health agents had the highest projected salary in the insurance industry at $129,000 a year. With the recent fluctuating economy there is always a need for financial and health security for the future. A solid insurance policy can help achieve that goal for any client dealing with future risk of damages, health problems, and devastation. The passing of the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” has created an immediate need for new Life, Accident, and Health agents and brokers.

Your Responsibility as a Life, Accident, & Health Agent:

As a licensed Life, Accident, and Health agent you are the provider of security against financial hardship due to accidents and health related issues. You are responsible to advise your clients on policies that deal with accident, health, and travel accident policies, variable annuities, and lines of life. These topics are usually discouraging thus require a prominent Life, Accident, and Health agent.


Types of Life, Accident, & Health Insurances:

Health insurance is insurance that covers against any medical expense your client is subject to including medication. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act agents must be certified to sell it.

  Accident insurance deals with expenses that are incurred right after an accident and are covered directly by your client. Reimbursement is owed and with the proper policy it is covered.

  Life insurance assures that a beneficiary is paid an agreed upon sum of money after the death of the policyholder or after the diagnosis of a terminal illness of said policyholder.