Property Casualty

NYS 96-Hour Property & Casualty Overview:

A Property and Casualty agent or producer is one of the most in demand career paths, resulting in constant demand for new agents. The reason this career is in demand is because people are always looking to make sure their most important assets are protected. Risk is a constant in our everyday lives and having insurance makes us not worry about that risk. Property and Casualty agents analyze which policies make sure their clients can proceed with everyday life and get the most out of their assets.

Your Responsibility as a Property & Casualty Producer:

As a licensed Property and Casualty agent you will help clients manage risk when it comes to their homes, cars, and valuables. You will also manage legal accountability against any future damage. You will deal with insurance policies such as homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and renter’s insurance. Your job is to advise your clients on how to best safeguard their most valuable assets all the while providing them a piece of mind. You will be responsible for collecting claims, settling claims, retain insurance records for every client, and keeping up to date with policy changes in the industry.

The Leap Way:

Leap Education is the first school to offer the Property & Casualty 96 hour course in both a Accelerated and Rolling course. Students will have the option to either stick to a specific schedule or have the choice to take the course at their own convenience. With such a demand for new Property & Casualty producers, Leap offers a schedule that will work for anyone just take a look at our Property & Casualty Packages!