Leap EDU moves Salesperson and Back-2-Basics classes online due to coronavirus outbreak

As governments issue guidelines for "social distancing" to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Leap EDU is moving the following classes to an online learning format:

NYS 75-hour Real Estate Salesperson Course

Launch your real estate career the easy, convenient way

The first step to a career in real estate is to earn your salesperson license by taking the NY State 75-hour Salesperson’s Course, passing the course exam and state exam. We make it easy and convenient, with flexible course schedules that fit your busy lifestyle and exclusive online tools that help you plan your classes and track your progress.

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Please be sure to follow the instructions below. Should you have any questions and or concerns please don't hesitate to use the chatbox below or give us a call 844-900-LEAP

If you have any questions, please contact Leap EDU at 1-844-900-LEAP.

As additional courses are added to our online curriculum, we will keep our students apprised.