NY Safe Mortgage Loan Originator Overview:

A New York Safe Mortgage Loan Originator works with both the consumer and the bank as a negotiator to set up a loan for the consumer. The purpose of their job is to secure a loan and a rate that is satisfactory to both consumer and the bank. The Mortgage Loan Originator must be proficient in banking laws and policies.

The Job:

A NY Safe Mortgage Loan Originator is responsible for knowing the various  types of loans offered by a bank and the terms of each loan. They are responsible for doing their due diligent financial research on their client before proceeding with any loan negotiations with the bank. Their job is to find a well balanced loan agreement based on their clients financial capability and any benefits they can qualify with loan options and terms. "

Can you also please give me a update on the progress and anything else that would be needed on my end. Thank you!