Salesperson Course FAQ’s

How long does it take to complete the Salesperson course?
The Salesperson course takes a total of 75-hours to complete. While it is possible to complete within 14 days, the average student completes the course within 6 to 8 weeks.
Is there any sales experience required to become a Salesperson?
No experience is required to become a Real Estate Salesperson. What is required is the drive and ambition to excel and become the best!
Is there any sales experience required to become a Salesperson?
In order to take the Salesperson course and or any exams that are associated with the Salesperson license, there are no age requirements. Although in order to apply for your license and be sponsored by a broker you must be 18 years of age. You don’t need any college degree, high school diploma or GED to become a Real Estate Agent.
What is the difference between a Salesperson and a Broker's license?
The difference between a Real Estate Salespersons and a Broker license are the requirements and points acquired by any sales, lease, and rental transactions. Real Estate Brokers are required to have either more education and or personal / sales experience than a Real Estate Salespersons. A Real Estate Salesperson is licensed by the state, but must sponsored for a Broker. A Broker has the ability to own and operate their own Brokerage as well as receiving a portion of any and all Salespersons’ commission who are licensed under their Brokerage.
What are the time differences between the packages?
For the Rookie package, students have a total of 50-days to complete the course and school exam.

For the Pro and or All-Star packages, students are given 100+ days to complete the course and school exam.
Is there a deadline on how long I can complete the course in?
Depending on which package you purchase (Rookie, Pro, or All-Star) the amount of time required for you to complete the course and school exam varies.
Why is there a deadline?
There are a few reasons why we enforce this policy.

Firstly, we encourage students to complete the course in the least amount of time possible so they can absorb all the course information and pass the School and State exam on their first try. Second, we like to try and have our classroom environment clear and not overcrowded. When classes are overcrowded not all students feel like they are getting the same attention by our Instructors.
When can I start classes?
If you have enrolled in our rolling course you are able to begin the same day of registration.
Can I attend classes in different locations?
Depending on the package you have purchased you can attend classes in all of our locations to complete the 75 hour requirement. See our locations page.
What if I go over my given time limit?
What if I go over my given time limit?
How much is the Extension fee?
Extension fees are automatically charged to the credit card on file once you have gone over your allowed time period. Extension fees will be $30 per month, giving students another 30-days to complete the course.
What If I dont want to pay the Extension Fee?
Failure to pay Extension Fee will result in having to complete the Real Estate Salesperson course all over again. Once the Extension Fee is removed from the account students will have to purchase the Salesperson Course at full price.
When are School exams given?
School exams can be scheduled once you are complete with the course.
How do I schedule my School exam?
When you are ready and as long as you are within your given time limit (based off your package) you can call or speak to the front desk and schedule your exam.
Where do I sign up for the NYS licensing exam?
Students are encouraged to schedule the NY State Real Estate Salesperson exam at least a week before completion of the course. Registration is completed through the Department of State’s Occupational Licensing Management System –eAccessNY. To schedule your examination, you must first create an account on eAccessNY by visiting the eAccessNY overview page, and clicking on “Create my Account
Where do I take my New York State licensing exam?
There are a number of locations where the exam is given. When going through the steps of registration you will be provided a list of locations. Remember, you must bring with you a government issued photo – ID, drivers’ license, passport, US certificate, etc.
How can I pay for classes or materials at Leap?
We accept cash, credit, or debit cards.
Can I register for the course on the same day they are being offered?
Yes! Registration for the Salesperson course is continuous. Once registered, you can attend the same day. Please be sure arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the next class.
How long are each class topics?
Each class is approximately 3 - 4 hours long, depending on the topic being taught that day.
Do I have to take all 18 class in sequential order?
No, all of our class topics are independent of each other. Information taught from one lesson will not affect you in the next class in order to move on to the next one.
Do you offer private tutoring if I need more help?
Yes, we do! Private tutoring starts at $100 per hour depending on instructor.
I’ve completed the 75-hour requirement. What’s next?
Once you have completed the 75-hour requirement you are able to take the School exam.
Do I have to complete 75-hours in-class to take the State exam?
State exams can be taken at anytime before, during, or after attending school.
Can I repeat a classes for any reason?
Of Course! We encourage our students to repeat classes if need be, as long it is within your time period. Please note, you will only receive credit for the first time you attend a class, duplicate classes do not count towards completion of the course.
Yay! I passed my school exam, now what?
Once you have completed the 75-hour requirement and passed the school exam you will receive 2 documents. The first document is a Salesperson Application. This application will allow you to submit for your Salesperson license but only if you have already passed the state exam. The second will be a school certificate which you can boast about to all your new real estate friends.
What if I fail the school exam?
Depending on the package purchased, you may have up to two (2) tries to pass the exam, after that there will be a $50 fee per try. The majority of our students pass the exam on their first try.
How much does it cost?
For a comparison of pricing for our Real Estate Salesperson packages, click here.

Broker Course FAQ’s

How many hours are required to complete the Brokers course?
The Broker's Pre licensing course course is 45 hours total.
How many points do I need to become a broker?
The total amount of points needed to become a broker is 3,500.
Where can I find a list of point values for the sales I've made?
You can find a list of point values for the sales transactions by clicking here. Point values can be found on the 4th page of the broker application.
How can I find out how many transactions I have made?
You must contact your broker for that information. Although it is important to keep track of every transactions you have closed for your own records.
Do I need both requirements to become a broker?
Yes. you will need to meet both requirements in order to apply for your broker's license.
Can I take the broker's course even though I don't meet the requirements?
Yes. Taking the Broker course can actually also be used to fulfill your CE requirements.

Although you will have 2 years upon completing the course to meet the requirements and apply for your license.
Can I take the brokers state exam if I don't meet the requirements yet?
yes. You may take the brokers exam regardless of whether you completed the course or meet the requirements. If you take and pass the brokers state exam your results will be valid for up to 2 years.
I need to take the brokers exam but the date is not offered on the calendar. Can I call and schedule a different date?
Yes, you can call us at and we will work it out with you.
Can I do this in the first year of being a Salesperson?
No. In order to become a broker you must have 2 years experience as a Salesperson.
Can I make up any classes I had missed?
Yes. Classes can be taken when another Broker class is being held.
Can I take the State exam before the School exam?
Yes. You can take the exam in any order you like although it is recommended to complete the school exam first.
I passed my broker's school exam, now what?
You will receive a certificate of completion. Save this certificate and make a copy of it for your own records. There will be a charge of $25 to replace it if you lose it. This certificate proves you have completed all your coursework and passed the school exam.
I failed my Broker school exam, what now?
When signing up to the Broker course you are allowed 2 chances to pass the school exam. If for any reason you fail the second time you will need to pay $50 for every additional try.
How often is the State exam given?
The state exam is conducted 1 time per month and the cost is $15. Registration is done through your eAccess account.
What to do after you pass your state exam?
You must apply for your Broker's License through eaccess which will cost $150.
I have my salesperson license before 2008 and the DOS says I need more hours to be a broker, why?
As of July of 2008, the DOS changed the hourly requirements for the salesperson course. Before 2008 the salesperson course required 45 hours in class, after 2008 the requirement was changed to 75 hours.
Does that mean in order to become a broker I have to do another 75-hours?
No, for any salesperson licensed before 2008 there is a 30-hour remedial course that can be taken to make up the hours.

Continuing Education FAQ’s

My Salesperson or Broker license is expiring. What do I need to do?
When a license is expiring and due for renewal you will be obligated to complete 22.5-hours of Continuing Education. For a list of courses Please visit our Continuing Education page here.
Do I need to take Continuing Education if I am a Broker?
The NY DOS requires any and all licensees (both salesperson and broker) to complete 22.5 hours of approved Real Estate Continuing Education within their two year license term.
How often must I complete these classes?
Real estate professional must complete 22.5 hours of continuing education every two years to keep their licenses active.
Are there any specific classes I am required to take?
Effective for renewals on or after July 1, 2008, the 22.5 hours must include at least 3 hours of fair housing instruction. The remaining hours must consist of approved elective material.
How often must I complete these classes?
Real estate professional must complete 22.5 hours of continuing education every two years to keep their licenses active..
I have completed all 22.5 hours of continuing education. What is the next step?
You will receive a certificate of completion from our school. Make a copy of it, if you lose it, we will charge $25 for a replacement fee. As of February 1, 2010, licensees are no longer sent a paper renewal in the mail. It is all done online; the Division of Licensing Services will be requiring that all real estate licensees renew their licenses online. To renew your license online, you must have an active eAccess NY account.
Can I do my continuing education classes online?
Yes, we have online and physical classes. You can sign up on our website for our online continuing education. We also offer a very quick, and cost effective video continuing education option to do at your own pace in any of our four locations for $180.
What happens if I do not complete my continuing education and don’t renew my license?
You will not be able to conduct any real estate activities that require a NY State real estate license in accordance with Article 12-A of the Real Property Law. You will have two years from the date your license expires to renew your license. If the time has lapsed and you had failed to renew during that period, you will be required to take and pass the state exam again. No continuing education will be required to repeat the license process after you pass the exam.
I have been a real estate licensee for many years. Am I exempt from the continuing education requirements?
Any licensed real estate broker who is engaged full time in the real estate business and who has been licensed prior to July 1, 2008 for at least 15 consecutive years immediately preceding renewal. This is also referred to as being “grandfathered.” An attorney admitted to the NY State Bar who holds a real estate license is also exempt.