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Specialty Lending for Experienced Brokers

with Chris Bartlett

December 14, 2021

2:00 PM to 5:45 PM EST


Broadcasted LIVE via Zoom

Course Description

This Specialty Lending class will approach the subject of Construction Loans, including Construction Financing Basics, bank Requirements, Documents, the Process for financing ground up construction or a renovation of your home and examples.

What you will learn

  • Module 1: Introduction
    • Different Types of Lenders
    • Types of Conventional Loans
    • Types of Jumbo Loans
    • Types of Specialty Loans
    • Why Specialty Lending is Important
  • Module 2: Doctor’s Loans
    • Why are doctors different from most professions?
    • What benefits do doctors usually receive compared to others?
  • Module 3: Construction Loans
    • How do construction loans work?
    • What’s the difference between Construction to Perm vs a Normal Construction Loan?
  • Module 4: Bridge Loans
    • When would I need a bridge loan?
    • What are the fees associated with the bridge loans?
  • Module 5: Foregin National Loans
    • What kind of documents are required for foregin national loans?
    • How is credit evaluated for foreign nationals?
  • Module 6: Investment Property Loans
    • What are some typical loan to values allowed on investment properties?
    • How are investment property loans evaluated?
  • Module 7: Special Entity Loans
    • Lending to an LLC
    • Lending to a revocable or irrevocable trust
  • Module 8: Limited Doc Loans
    • What situations would these be appropriate for?
    • Regulatory issues and challenges

About Our Instructor

Chris Bartlett

Chris has 20+ years of experience working as a Mortgage Loan officer in the New York Metro Area. He is proficient in structuring financing for condos, co-ops, 2 to 4 family homes, and construction loans. He also has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accounting from New York University. Currently. He is working at US Bank, which is the 5th largest bank in America.

About Our Moderator

Marcela Medici

Marcela’s experience includes working closely with broker, lenders and attorney clients, and running a Continuing Education School as the Educational Coordinator.

Marcela has always carried great ambition into everything she does, originally starting out her career as a Biologist in Brazil; she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Biology from one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

After working in the field for 3 years, she followed her dream to move to New York City, where she deepened her education by graduating as a business associate.

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