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Job Placement

Leap EDU supports our students in launching and growing their real estate careers.


Leap EDU is committed to supporting our students’ long-term success with comprehensive career guidance and job placement services.

Leap EDU isn’t just here to help you obtain your New York State real estate agent license and send you on your way. We are here to provide you guidance in launching and growing your career as a real estate professional. We work with top brokerages throughout New York State and can help you find a place to work that fits your skills and preferences.

Finding a sponsor

Once you have passed the 75-hour Salesperson course exam and the state exam, you will need to find a sponsoring broker in order to become a licensed agent. This can be accomplished by finding a job with a licensed real estate brokerage. Upon finding a sponsor, you will then be permitted to complete your New York State Real Estate Salesperson Application to become a licensed agent.

Types of real estate salespersons

Once you have your agent’s license, there are a number of different types of roles you can perform:

As a “Listing Agent,” you will represent the properties that are being sold. You will be responsible for listing the seller’s property through numerous media and social media outlets and/or on the Multiple Listings Service (MLS). Marketing the property through various advertisements such as flyers, direct mail campaigns, open houses and email blasts will also be vital to selling the property.

As a “Buyer Broker/Agent,” you will represent the buyer who is looking to purchase a property. Typically, the client signs a “Buyer Representation Agreement,” which is designed to protect the Buyer Broker/Agent from losing their commission after spending their time and resources to show the buyer various properties. In return, the Buyer’s Agent shows their client a variety of properties until the client has found the property of choice.

A “Dual Agent” works for both buyer and the seller on the same property transaction. The Agent must disclose and get consent of both parties in the written notice of their relationship. As a Dual Agent you must also clearly explain that you are unable to provide exclusive fiduciary duties to either party, and neither party can expect the Broker’s undivided loyalty in a Dual Agent capacity. As a Dual Agent you get the benefit of receiving commission from both parties; you also have the option to lower your commission in order to close the deal rather than split it with another agent.

Job Application Portal

Choose an area below to see a list of brokerages we work with in that region. Then you can submit your resume to the brokerages of your choice through the online portal:

New York City Brokerages

Fast paced and always moving, it’s no wonder why they call this city “The City That Never Sleeps”. Lights, Camera, Action 24/7 New York City is known to hold some of the most expensive Residential and Commercial property.

Long Island Brokerages

Have your pick at the island’s top Brokerages and get the training you need to succeed. Better Homes and Gardens, Century 21, and Charles Rutenberg are just a few in our growing list of Brokerages.

Queens Brokerages

Ethnically diverse and the largest in area of the boroughs, Queens sets the bar high. Home to the New York Mets and some of Real Estate’s top Brokerages, Queens county is the second largest county in NYS.

Brooklyn Brokerages

The new home to the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclay Center, Brooklyn will forever be an icon. Known to be “Ruff ‘N Tuff”, Brooklyn has been the breeding ground for some of Real Estates most successful Agents.