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Aldo Iemma


Aldo Iemma

has over 30 years experience as an educator and a real estate broker

A graduate on the City University of New York ( CUNY), he holds a BA in Romance Languages ( French, Italian and Spanish), an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language ( TESL) another MA in Hispanic Culture and Civilization from NYU/ Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, and a PD in Administration and Supervision from CUNY. He studied in several countries and organized and conducted study groups in many Western European countries and North Africa. Worked as a High School teacher and Administrator/ Supervisor as well as a College Adjunct.

In 1986

he received his Real Estate salesperson license

and in 1989 his Real Estate Broker license and opened his own company. Today he still runs the same company, Empire State Realty Group. He is a member of Brooklyn, Staten Island and Long Island Boards as well as a member of REBNY. He serves on Local, State and National Committees.

Because of his academic background, he has an interest and a passion for Global Real Estate. He has been NAR’s Global Ambassador to Belize, Costa Rica and Panama as well as Nicaragua. He is an approved instructor in NY and NJ and prefers to teach AHWD, CIPS and RSPS. He strongly believes that “the next level” can be reached through education.

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